Brian Justus


A lifelong writer, Brian Justus studied Journalism, Advertising and English at West Virginia University. He subsequently worked for many years in radio and television as well as corporate advertising.

Justus grew up writing stories for family and friends, and has always pursued an active writing life. In addition to writing for radio and TV advertising, he made his living for several years ghost writing newspaper and magazine features, but maintained his passion for quirky stories about ordinary people encountering extraordinary situations.

Sometimes gritty and dark, Justus’s stories are about good people who transcend their misfortunes and bad people who get what they deserve.

His current novel, A Tender for the Fire, is described as Donnie Darko meets My Side of the Mountain. Set in a rural Appalachian town, the novel follows a quiet young man who lost his mother on the day he was born, possesses a strangely high tolerance for pain, and secretly enjoys setting things on fire.

The story includes elements of mystery, horror and suspense, but is ultimately about a young man struggling to find direction, and the battle between good and evil raging in his own mind.

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